Too Much Sleep Can be Harmful For You Too


For some, sleep can be elusive. So, most of us run after it. However, too much of it can potentially harm us too according to Dr Mercola in this intriguing piece.

He shares some thought-provoking ideas here. This one’s an example:

Compared with sleeping seven to eight hours a night, those who slept for nine hours or more had a 23% greater risk of stroke, while shorter sleep (less than six hours a night) had no significant effect on stroke risk. Those who took long midday naps of more than 90 minutes also had a greater stroke risk — by 25% — than those who napped for 30 minutes or less.2

The greatest risk of all, however, occurred among those who both slept for nine hours or more at night and napped for more than 90 minutes. This excessive sleep combination increased stroke risk by 85% compared to moderate sleepers and nappers.

 Dr Mercola makes some really intriguing claims here so do give it a read…

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