Catching a Breather in the Midst of Holiday Stress in 5 Minutes or Less


Discovered this interesting piece from Mind Body Green and it really caught our attention. It’s called Holidays Stressing You Out? Here Are 5 Ways To Relax In Just 5 Minutes.

It shares some helpful tips. Here’s one of them:

The holidays often come with more time away from work, but that often equates to more free time to endlessly scroll on our phones. Practice eye yoga to deal with eye strain from phones and computers. Start by closing your eyes and then repeatedly looking up and down, then left and right. As you’re doing that, pretend you’re looking at the numbers on a clock in front of you. Keeping your eyes closed. Look from 1 to 12, holding each position for 5 seconds, then reverse the direction. 

If you want more, give the full article a quick read at the website linked below…

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