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We have created the Thyroid Health Magazine to educate, inspire and encourage you on your journey through this often-challenging time in your life. I too have been on my own thyroid journey. From confusion and overwhelm to misdiagnosis and every other frustrating stop in-between. It’s a lonely and bewildering place to be, with little in the way of hope or support unless you know where to start looking. Being that I was determined to get well again, I started to look for answers beyond what the doctors, surgeons, and medical specialists were providing. This was triggered when the standard message communicated was that ‘no lifestyle interventions would assist’ and ‘you will not get better, you will only get worse’. ‘Really?’, I thought. How much worse could it get? Refusing to accept that outcome, I continued searching and this led me to consider more holistic approaches (body, mind and spirit) and I found some incredible thyroid health experts not only providing guidance through the confusing medical maze, but also advising of well-researched lifestyle interventions that worked. In implementing these recommendations, I can now thank them for my recovery.

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